about LAKE-SIDERS and why we love the lake

The idea of Lake-siders was born one early Sunday morning when I was consciously looking for a new possibility in my life. A possibility to do less of what was draining energy from me and more of what was inspiring me. So I started painting T-shirts with motifs that inspired others as much as they inspired me when I painted them on clothes. I had found a way to transform my energy in a meaningful way by creating motifs and by selling them I could give something back to nature by supporting local conservation projects. Because nature is still the best thing you can do for yourself and it was always nature that gave me energy and still gives it to this day. It is these LAKE-SIDERS moments I am talking about. These indescribable sunsets that only a Lake-Sider knows. Those moments when you sit with your family on the shore of the lake and just watch how the light is reflected on the mirror-like surface of the lake and you realize for a moment what life is really about before you break away to find your way back into your everyday life. I try to include this energy of infinite freedom from the lake in my motifs, so that this energy carries you through your everyday life until you can recharge your battery at your next LAKE-SIDERS moment. Some designs were so sought after that we were looking for a way to reproduce them and make the prices of our designs affordable. However, we still produce handmade and hand-drawn unique pieces on request and order. If you are looking for something very special and you don’t like our available designs, then just write us 😉 we will surely find a way to bring your design on a textile in form of a custom-made product.

some CUSTOM projects